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Space Revolver

  out of 4 Music Review: Space Revolver

Artist: Flower Kings
Genre: Alternative
Release Date: July 2000

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
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This CD was a mind-boggling expedition of progressive rock. I have to say that this is some of the most vibrant and spanking new prog rock that I have heard in quite some time. Every so often a real humdinger comes along and knocks your socks off, well, this one did the job for me. "Space Revolver" (2000) is The Flower Kingsí most recent release. This was my introduction to the group so I can offer neither opinions nor comparisons to the rest of their catalog.

This is an astonishing group of songs. "Monster Within" is over twelve minutes of complex changes and progressions into different levels of genre elucidation. At times the lead singer, Roine Stolt, whom also plays some excellent guitar, sounds as if he is making his way through a 10CC song. On the other side of the spectrum is the beautiful song "You Donít Know What Youíve Got", which is so completely opposite of everything that you will hear before it, you will be wondering if you are listening to the same group. In fact itís so different they sound more like a top-forty (It runs for 2:39) crossover group than a top-flight prog band on those particular songs. This is an exception to the rule in the realm of prog rock; itís also a tribute to the pure talent and resolve of each group member to give the listener every facet of what they are able to create collectively. There is absolutely no room for singularity of purpose in this band. Itís a group effort from start to finish. Their complex harmonies and jazz infused rock will have you reeling and looking for more of the same. This CD is a testimonial of steadiness that weaves intrinsically into your mind and thought process. Keep in mind that there is a modicum of consistency in a musical sense in each track, and that is the very reason this is such a great album. The variety and intensity of this ambitious project will wow the critics and garner the respect and admiration of their peers in every music circle across the globe. Whatever preconceptions you may have about progressive rock can now be thrown out the window. Its groups like The Flower Kings that are rewriting the book.

1. I Am the Sun, Pt. 1
2. Dream on Dreamer
3. Rumble Fish Twist
4. Monster Within
5. Chicken Farmer Song
6. Underdog
7. You Don't Know What You've Got
8. Slave to Money
9. A Kings Prayer
10. I Am the Sun, Pt. 2



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