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Soho Stories

  out of 4 Music Review: Soho Stories

Artist: Ian Shaw
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: March 2001

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
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"Soho Stories" is a light and tasteful jazz recording with a nice consistency about it. Shaw does some classic tunes like 'Comes Love', which is a jumping rug cutter. Then he takes from a source that's on a completely different musical level when he borrows the Tom Waits song called 'Rainbow Sleeves.' He adds his own slant to it and puts a nice spin on a number that was really not meant to sing in the jazz idiom. I have to give full credit to Shaw for his resourcefulness and palpable talent for taking someone else's song and claiming it as his own for the time he recorded it. It's a real craftsman that can pull that off without a hitch, and Shaw comes through with flying colors on that test flight.

Ian Shaw is beginning to get worldwide attention for his presence in the jazz world. With a few more albums like this he will be reserving his place in the history books as one of the best jazz singers that ever passed our way.

1. Comes Love (Brown/Stept/Tobias) - 4:02
2. I Never Went Away (Bennett) - 4:13
3. Ruby (Fleming/Ian) - 5:22
4. Dearly Beloved (Kern/Mercer) - 3:32
5. How Little We Know (Carmichael/Mercer) - 4:23
6. A Little Piece of Heaven (Coral/Hawker) - 2:15
7. I Wished on the Moon (Parker/Rainger) - 3:55
8. Be Sure I'll Let You Know (Shaw/Walton) - 4:28
9. If You Could See Me Now (Dameron/Sigman) - 4:03
10.Tomorrow Never Came (Landsman/Wallace) - 5:12
11.I Keep Going Back to Joe's (Fisher/Segal) - 4:25
12.Happy With the Blues (Arlen/Lee) - 2:30
13.Rainbow Sleeves (Waits) - 3:37



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