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Sal Si Puedes

music reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4

Artist: Planet Queen
Genre: Rock/Pop, Independent
Release Date: 1999

Review by Jazzer
3½ stars out of 4

It has taken Planet Queen Singer/Songwriter/Vocalist Sandy Cohen a couple years to get this project off the ground. Cohen's former band Grind made quite a mark on the Boston scene but seemed to run out of gas and fizzle out. There had been a lot of anticipation about her next project but it seemed to take a long time to get it together. A marginal track appeared on the New Alliance "Ten Years After" compilation two years ago, and several lineup changes before the emergence of "Sal Si Puedes".

Being a long time fan of Cohen's ability to write strong rock songs, I, for one, anxiously awaited some new material. There has always been a certain sense of sophistication in Cohen's songs and this new disc is no different. You really have to read in between the lines to understand what this complex writer is singing about.

"Sal Si Puedes" opens with the very catchy "Chaos/Control", which features some nice backing vocals by Bassist Mike Walker, but fizzles with "Truth" the second track. It rebounds with arguably the CD's strongest track "Potion" which showcases more of Walker backing vocals, and the powerful pipes of Cohen, who shines with a resounding vocal missing in so many of today's young female rock vocalists. "Boots On" has a very heavy rock feel and tremendous vocal performance but drags on a bit too long.

There are several more powerful moments of this effort, but overall the complicated songs will keep most listeners, with short attention spans, from understanding what exactly is going here. Cohen remains an inspiration with her ability to write and sing interesting songs and play crunchy guitar rhythms, but as far as commercial appeal goes "Sal Si Puedes" falls a bit short, which limits its audience.

Reader Feedback

Thankyou Jazzer - I appreciate the review    --Sandy



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