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Rumor and Sigh

music reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: Rumor and Sigh

Artist: Richard Thompson
Genre: Rock/Pop
Release Date: May 1991

Review by LarryG
3 stars out of 4

Rumor and Sigh is the best cd of the 90's from one of the best guitarists and songwriters around. His guitar playing is consistenly amazing. He's very technically proficient without showing off and his playing is always original and fits with the song. Rumor and Sigh stands out because of its songs. He has the purity of folk and the power of rock. 1952 Vincent Black Lightning is a tour de force with simple instrumentation. Thompson's strong, unshowy voice tells a moving, mythic tale of a man's two great loves for his woman and his motorcycle.  Read About Love is a fun rocker which shows off Thompson's great sense of humor with its tale of a young lad trying to learn the facts of life. The scope of the songs is broad from the galloping rocker Mother Knows Best to the weary Why Must I Plead? and the haunting Behind Grey Walls but the quality of the songs remains high. Thompson has always had a bemused bafflement about women. I Misunderstood is sadly moving as Thompson sings, "I thought she was saying good luck, she was saying goodbye." Thompson's lyrics can have a misogynist tone. Thompson has always had a baffled bemusment about women. I Feel So Good's tale of a just released prisoner looking to break somebody's heart has a somewhat menacing tone but the music is light and buoyant enough to draw you in. That Thompson is a nice guy drawn to the dark side gives Rumor and Sigh an interesting complexity. He only goes too far in Psycho Street, an unrelenting account of disturbing sociopaths. But generally, Rumor and Sigh shows a great artist in top form. The songs are always very listenable and well made and interesting below the appealing surface.



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