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music reviewmusic reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: Roots

Artist: Sepultura
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: February 1996

Review by Ken
4 stars out of 4

Although it seemed as though Sepultura could never top the brilliance of 'CHAOS A.D.', they certainly came pretty damn close with this attitude-heavy follow-up. Hooking up with Korn producer Ross Robinson, Sepultura managed to take its music to new heights of creative aggression; by experimenting even further with the tribal sounds of its native Brazilian homeland while still retaining the hardcore groove sound it developed on its acclaimed previous album. The relentlessly pounding rhythms of tracks like 'Roots Bloody Roots', 'Straighthate' and 'Ratamahatta' will cause fans to thrash about uncontrollably as the adrenaline rush possesses their screaming senses. Perhaps the most interesting and radically different song on the album is 'Lookaway', bizarre yet intensely arresting track that features guest appearances by Korn's Jonathan Davis, Faith No More's Mike Patton and House Of Pain's DJ Lethal. And there's also 'Itsari', a track recorded live in the Brazilian jungles with the ancient Xavantes tribe. If 'ROOTS' suffers in any way, it is due to the fact that at 15 tracks the album is simply too long; and comes across as being repetitive after a while. But that's just a minor gripe. Overall, this is a colossal release from Sepultura, and their final album to feature singer/guitarist Max Cavalera in the line-up.



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