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Road Show Blues

music reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: Road Show Blues

Artist: John Mayall
Genre: Blues, Rock/Pop
Release Date: January 1982

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
3½ stars out of 4

"Road Show Blues," recorded live in Huntington Beach, California at the Golden Bear Club in July 1980, features the legendary bluesman John Mayall and his crackerjack band in rare form. This Italian compilation drawn from the three LPs Mayall made for the British DJM label between 1979 & 1981, is identical to "Roadshow" released on the Thunderbolt label 1996.

It may be one of the lesser-known live outings committed to disc, but it is very good. It stands as a fine example of the Mayall experience in a live setting. John is now heading towards 70 years old and he ranks amongst the greatest blues players right alongside men like Hooker, King, and Waters. He is to this day making the music he loves and he has a following that is worldwide and ever growing.

These nine tracks encompass the absolute live blues experience with Mayall, complete with piercing guitar licks peppered with a wailing harmonica, tight rhythm section, and soulful vocals to give you the complete raw live experience that only the blues can offer.

What could be more apt than a song called "John Lee Boogie" in honor of Hooker's passing? It is not a coincidence that it is the best cut on the entire album. Any good bluesman worth his salt had to of been inspired by John Lee Hooker at one time or another during their career, and Mayall shows why with a great tribute to the man. The rest of the tracks stand up very well too.

Legends like John Mayall reach almost mythical proportions because of longevity and popularity. I have never had the honor of seeing the man play live, now I have an idea what he sounds like and hope to see him some day.

1. Why Worry (Mayall) - 3:15
2. Road Show (Parker) - 4:21
3. Mama Talk to Your Daughter (Lenoir) - 3:52
4. A Big Man (Mayall) - 4:51
5. Lost and Gone (Mayall) - 2:40 6. Mexico City (Mayall) - 5:00
7. John Lee Boogie (Mayall) - 4:10
8. Reaching for a Mountain (Mayall) - 4:20
9. Baby, What You Want Me to Do (Reed) - 5:08

John Mayall - Guitar, Harmonica, Keyboards, backup vocals
Kevin McCormick - Bass
Maggie Parker - Lead and backup vocals, Percussion
Soko Richardson - Drums
James Quill Smith - Lead Guitar, backup vocals



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