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Reverse the Curve

music reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4

Artist: Various
Genre: Independent, Rock/Pop
Release Date: ??

Review by Jazzer
3 stars out of 4

First off, it is important to mention that all the proceeds from this CD go to help pay Paul Natale's medical costs incurred through his battle with cancer. This alone is a good reason to go out and purchase this CD. Natale, who plays in The Den Mothers and Quick Fix has been a part of the Boston scene for several years, having spent considerable time with the recently departed Boy Wonder.

Fittingly enough both Natale's bands contribute tracks. The Den Mothers open the disc with a fine little pop ditty called "Lucky" and Quick Fix take us on a ride down hard rock lane with "Mercy" which reminds us a bit of The Cult. From there the CD is full of hits and misses, with a batch of sub par performances from bands that we expect a lot more from (The Gravel Pit, Jack Drag, The Control Group), as well as some solid efforts from up and comers.

Star Ghost Dog, who have been getting better and better with their recordings over the last couple of years, give us one of the better performances with "Holiday", a tune that sounds a lot like a band from Athens Georgia called Magnapop. Helicopter Helicopter's "Mechanical Firefly" and The Douglas Fir's "The End of the Beginning" are also right there in the hits department.

Leave it to the Pills to come along and save the day with their brand of infectious pop on "Mandy goes pop". Ex Permafrost Guitarist Ad Frank also contributes a very nicely produced track entitled "You may already be a winner".

Being a big fan of compilation CD's, it was a good opportunity to get to hear a few bands that I hadn't heard before. With all these artists, some accomplished and some relatively unknown, coming together and helping out a friend in need, it is hard to be too critical of this project.



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