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Recreation Day

music reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: Recreation Day

Artist: Evergrey
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: March 2003

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
3½ stars out of 4

Some people consider Evergrey as death metal because of its doom and gloom subject matter. I for one choose to call it progressive dark metal. Death and dying is certainly one of the grimmer realities that we face in the course of our existence on this planet.

With a title like Recreation Day, this album sounds more like a day at the park playing Frisbee and having a picnic than a powerful Scandinavian metal unit flexing their musical muscles while plowing their way through each track with high volume fire branded guitar licks and a pounding rhythm section.

The lead singer Tom S. Englund has an imposing voice to match the energy and Gothic sound of the band. When you look at the track titles, it pretty much tells the story As I Lie Here Bleeding, Your Darkest Hour and End of Your Days are dark and straight from the hip shots of cold hard reality. There is a murky corner in everyones mind, it takes music like this to grab hold of it and give it absolution, and although it may seem scary, it sure is fun listening to such blood pumping sounds. This is yet another triumph for one of Europes and the worlds best prog-metal bands.

1. The Great Deceiver (Danhage/Englund) - 4:18
2. End of Your Days (Englund) - 4:38
3. As I Lie Here Bleeding (Englund) - 3:51
4. Recreation Day (Danhage/Englund/Zander) - 5:21
5. Visions (Englund) - 6:01
6. I'm Sorry (Englund) - 3:18
7. Blinded (Englund) - 4:34
8. Fragments (Englund/H†kansson) - 5:37
9. Madness Caught Another Victim (Englund) - 2:59
10. Your Darkest Hour (Danhage/Englund/Zander) - 6:14
11. Unforgivable (Englund) - 4:28

Everygrey Is:

Tom S. Englund-Guitars and Vocals
Henrik Danhage-Guitars
Patrick Carlsson-Drums and Percussion
Michael Hakansson-Bass
Rikard Zander-Keyboards



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