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  out of 4 Music Review: Rant

Artist: Ian Hunter
Genre: Rock
Release Date: April 2001

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
No rating supplied

Ian Hunter is a true rock and roll poet in the same stratum as Bob Dylan and Lou Reed. As the focal point and leader of Mott The Hoople in the seventies he produced some of the freshest lyrics and music of that decade. As a solo artist he continued to develop and maintain his momentum right into the eighties. The nineties were very quite for Hunter; with the new millennium upon us the man brings to us another strong suite of rock and roll poetry. He is unequivocally one of the most prolific songwriters and vocalist of our time.

"Rant" is a very strong album from a rock and roller that refuses to let his candle burn out. He starts things off by letting you know straight away that he is back with "Still Love Rock And Roll." It doesn't get anymore cut and dried than that. On "Death Of A Nation" he tears to shreds his homeland with cynicism and feelings of disappointment. Hunter never lacked the abilities to project his innermost thoughts and feelings in his music. He rocks out in "American Spy" and in the same breath shows off his versatility by singing a stormy, brooding, dark ballad like "No One." "Morons" doesn't hold back a thing, and he really lets go with some humor with a punk-like flavor. If you think about it, Ian really was an original punker now wasn't he? His music always reflected the angst of society while trashing the status quo. I noticed for the first time after listening to Hunter for all these years that his voice has a resemblance to Rod Stewart's at times (this is meant as compliment).

While the music was outstanding, the lyrics are what really grabbed me throughout the entire recording. Ian Hunter is a living legend and icon of music, and his catalog is a pilgrimage to rock and roll. I was genuinely moved by this man's work, not to mention I rocked my ass off, which is always an added bonus and pleasure.

You will find out what great music and deep lyrical content can do for a listener when you add this CD to your collection. Tell everyone Ian Hunter is back and this is no "Ripoff." This is the real deal.

1. Still Love Rock And Roll
2. Wash Us Away
3. Death Of A Nation
4. Morons
5. Purgatory
6. American Spy
7. Dead Man Walkin' (EastEnders)
8. Good Samaritan
9. Soap N' Water
10. Ripoff
11. Knees Of My Heart
12. No One



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