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Pump up the Jam

music reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: Pump up the Jam

Artist: Technotronic
Genre: Soul/R&B
Release Date: November 1989

Review by DjBatman
3 stars out of 4

Jo Bogaert aka "Thomas De Quincey" was the mind behind Technotronic, and he had a sort of mission: taking techno into the pop charts. He succeeded combining the techno sounds that came to Europe mostly from the Detroit scene of the late 80's with a pop/dance formula easily acceptable by the European club-goers and record buyers. With contributors like Manuela "Ya Kid K" Kamosi and Eric Martin aka MC Eric, and initially fronted by model Felly (who -incidentally- didn't sing one single word on the record, because she was just miming to Ya Kid K's voices) Technotronic topped the charts, and their hits "Get up (before the night is over", "Pump up the jam" and "This beat is Technotronic" were obsessively played by music channels and radio stations.  If you only know these, I'd advise you to try this album, because after the obvious hits and a couple of other similar numers, you might discover some uknown gem... one of these in "Come back", in which Bogaert demonstrates his ability in creating instrumentals (with a few vocal samples) that are equally melodic and danceable, and a bit different from the bunch of his hit singles, even if still bearing the trademark Technotronic beats and keyboard sounds. The fronts and vocalists kept changing, while Bogaert flooded the market with megamixes and remixes and later another album (but none of the follow-ups succeeded in repeating the triumphs of this one). Maybe, if you exclude some remix, the most interesting bits in the sequel were -er- mostly Bogaert's solo instrumentals.

Here's what others reviewers have to say:

3 stars - Good - "...certainly makes mass acceptance for house music a lot more likely..."  Rolling Stone 2/8/90

Reader Feedback

I Love this album and their hits Pump up the Jam, Get Up, This Beat is Technotronic, Move This, and Rockin' over the Beat.  The singles Tough, Take it Slow, and Come On are super, too!  This is the best album I heard ...    --TBaron

This album is simply, 'bad.' The bass sequencers and beats are 'fly.' Some of the tracks are a little monotonous. But this is one of the best dance albums ever produced, (which shows that the genre of techno/dance needs more refinement, as this is only a 3 star album). But overall, its great to jam to.    --Minion-brachycephalater

This is great!!! This Album is the best that i heard in my life and i need it everyday!!!    --Techno



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