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Artist: Vip 200
Genre: Movie
Release Date: 2001

Review by DjBatman
4 stars out of 4

Fantastic. The only word that can define this debut album by Vip 200, an incredible selection of different atmospheres from real and imaginary b-movies. Covering tracks by Berto Pisano and Piero Umiliani among others, but also producing several new pieces of music in perfect 1970s style, Vip 200 achieve the result of creating a full-length adventure in the world of Italian exotic sonorizations, from the relaxed tranquility of "Il Colore degli Angeli" to the psych-beat moods of "Fase Onirica", not forgetting the Fellini-esque "Il Mondo di G.Mastorna, detto 'Fernet'" (a title lifted from a never released Fellini movie, later used as a Manara/Fellini comic book collaboration) and the "poliziottesco"-style "Giulia Super TI (Inseguimento)" (my God, my father used to have a an Alfa Romeo Giulia in early '70s...) :-)

And of course, bits of audio erotica and sexy music are everywhere (from "Topless Party" -previously released on 7", together with a swingin' remake of the immortal "Fernet Branca" by Franco Godi- to "Psicoerotica"). It seems that Vip 200 have studied the lessons of masters like Umiliani, Morricone, Trovajoli and many others, without forgetting lesser-known names like Lesiman. The result sounds like a Right Tempo reissue album, only, it's a fresh new album released in 2001.

(Nicola "Dj Batman" Battista)

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