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Artist: Squeeze
Genre: Rock/Pop
Release Date: 1991

Review by LarryG
4 stars out of 4

After reaching their peak in the early 80s with the great, fun Beatlesque records Argybargy and Eastside Story, Squeeze lost their way, breaking up in the mid 80's. They've lost most of their audience but the records they've made since getting back together have been quite good (though they seemed to be running out of gas by 1996's Ridiculous). Play is a perfect example of how a pop band can grow old gracefully; it's mature but still fun. It would be more accurately  called Musical in that Play really is the score for a great musical that apparently was never staged. Play is best listened to programmed in the order of the accompanying script. The cd traces the decline of a relationship doomed by the man's irresponsibility. Glenn Tilbrook achingly sings and writes the heartbreaking songs about a guy who knows what he should do but can't bring himself to do the right thing. Chris Difford's lyrics are adult and wise. The slow songs like the poignant curtain closers for each "act", There is a Voice and Letting Go, are highlights but Tilbrook retains his gift with a pop hook on enjoyable digressions like the "overture" Sunday Street, Gone to the Dogs and the joyful The Day I Get Home. There's not a bad song in the lot. The closest to a dud is the failed attempt at a commercial single, Satisfied.



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