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Artist: The Kitty Kill
Genre: Pop/Rock
Release Date: 2000

Review by Jazzer
3½ stars out of 4

When guitarist Sandy Merhy and Bassist Jenn Dagger decided to change their band name from Uncool Niece to The Kitty Kill, they did it to help them forget, move on, and go in a new musical direction. Recruiting Drummer Jen Choinard, who had just left another all female Boston band, Chelsea On Fire, was a good place to start. Taking her more hard hitting and aggressive approach with her, Choinard was just what Merhy and Dagger needed to get the ball rolling. As the Kitty Kill, the three came out of the box fast and never looked back. With some strong material already written, the girls worked some new tunes into their live set and developed a good strong following in the Boston club scene. They began recording with another former Chelsea On Fire cohort Monte McGuire (who produced their Once Never” CD). Taking some of their better material like “Maybe” and “Come On”, which had already received some local airplay in different versions and re-recording them with Ch! oinard made a real difference in their sound. These, forgive the expression ‘radio friendly” pop numbers were complimented with the addition of a song like the surprisingly pleasant “It’s All Over”, which could be the real winner here. I love the way the song starts with the hooky chorus and gets stronger and stronger as it goes on. It makes you wanna get in front of a mirror and rock out! Seconds kudos to the acoustic track “Answers” which is quite touching and a bit of a tearjerker. “Plastic” is an excellent debut for The Kitty Kill and it makes me an even bigger fan of the band



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