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Outside Looking In

  out of 4 Music Review: Outside Looking In

Artist: Dave Hole
Genre: Blues
Release Date: June 2001

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
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English born Dave Hole had a love for the blues at a very young age. The odds seemed to be against him to ever be heard as an artist growing up in Perth, Australia (were he was transplanted at the age of four). He couldn't find anyone to give him guitar lessons so he listened to Eric Clapton and Muddy Waters records to learn his licks on the six-string. On a whim he sent a demo to someone at Guitar Player magazine and now its history. The demo ended up in the right hands at Alligator Records and six albums later we have "Outside Looking In" to enjoy.

Hole is regarded as one of the best slide guitar players of the genre. He overcame an injured finger and adjusted his playing style to compensate for the loss. Coupled with the fact that he is left handed shows that any odds that have been stacked up against this man he has been able to overcome.

You feel the strength and courage in his music as he sings and plays like a man on a mission from God to spread the gospel of the blues. "He Knows The Rules" is no exaggeration, the song screams of heartfelt blues, some nasty slide guitar, and honky-tonk piano. Every ounce of sweat from Hole's brow and emotion from his soul is channeled into the music. On "You Move Me So" he really smokes it, his voice is in good character reminding us all of the great Stevie Ray Vaughan. "How Long?" is done with a John Lee Hooker vocal style (God rest his soul). It seems Hole has taken the best of all the great blues players and created his own unique individual style.

I must tip my cap to this fabulous artist for his originality and consistency. Dave Hole is a rare talent that looks at life and music as a challenge not an obstacle. I look forward to hearing more of his smokin' slide guitar and genuine vocals in the future.

1. Jenny Lee
2. He Knows The Rules
3. Outside Looking In
4. You Move Me So
5. How Long?
6. Nobody
7. Blues Begins At Home
8. Walk Away
9. Get A Job
10. Insomniac
11. Out Of My Reach
12. Living On Borrowed Time



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