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The Originals

  out of 4 Music Review: The Originals

Artist: Susan & The Surftones
Genre: Rock
Release Date: July 2001

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
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Susan & The Surftones have released a CD that's proof positive that they are much more than just a cover band. "The Originals…" is just that, fourteen songs that are nothing but original material. Granted, the group has done many covers, what surf-instro group hasn't? This album was put together to prove a point. The point is well taken.

I make no bones about it… I love this group. If they are doing a cover or an original, they rock. Their fans love it when they do the classics live. And what is more important than pleasing your fans? This CD will please more than just loyal fans; it will turn the heads of everyone in the music community and make them realize what kind of talent this group has.

"Deep Blue Goodbye" is so sweet. Susan Yasinski's (lead guitar) guitar is driven and rhythmic, and the saxophone is exquisite. They really should think about adding more brass to their repertoire. Saxophone really gives more oomph and substance to song, especially in this genre. "Space Spider" is a real rocker; it stands as a great example of what a tight knit unit the Surftones are. Susan is the captain of the ship, but she wouldn't be able to steer it without her bandmates. "Spanish Wave" is a tasty live cut to give you a sample of the atmosphere of a live performance. They picked a great song to present to new and old fans alike. Those particular songs really stood out as outstanding in my opinion, although I enjoyed every track with equal amounts of pleasure and satisfaction.

This is a great victory for Susan & The Surftones. The original music was always there to be appreciated amongst their catalog; I guess it takes a collection like this to really make people notice what they are about. That's just fine with me; I loved every minute of it!

1. Blue Hammer
2. Stinger 67
3. Tiki Kiki
4. Sunburn
5. Clam Digger
6. Spaghetti Beach
7. Tramp
8. Spanish Wave (Live)
9. Beat Rider
10. Barbados Twist
11. Tabu
12. Deep Blue Goodbye
13. Space Spider
14. The Blue Hammer



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