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music reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: Openers

Artist: Yancy Derringer
Genre: Rock
Release Date: August 1999

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
2 stars out of 4

Yancy Derringer hailed from the Wisconsin area. They cut their album Openers in 1975. The first 1,000 copies gathered some momentum for the group and as the band waited for the second shipment to arrive, it never did because their manager never placed the order. Therefore, another story of a promising rock n roll band that had their hopes dashed quickly and a short-lived career became a part of music history. Thanks to the caring and persistence of Gear Fab head honcho Roger Maglio; this album is once again available to the masses for consumption.

This album had a 70s classic rock sound that other bands would eventually develop further in that period. Although it is basic rock with generally the same backbeat in every song, there are flashes of guitar brilliance and Moog synthesizer embellishments that I appreciated. The first two songs on side two, Welcome On and Standing on the Edge, are probably the best examples of those musical advances. Actually, the second song borders on the edge of progressive rock; if they had pushed the musical envelope a little further, they would have reached that level. Just as there is A passage of whirling keyboards for a few minutes that leads you to believe there was more to this group then you thought, it drops off and the basic beat comes to the forefront once again leaving you wondering what could have been if things had worked out and they had continued to record.

This is great party music, with summer just around the corner all of you old classic rockers may want to check this out and give it a spin to bring back the glory days of your youth. While I felt this was not anything special musically, it sure was a lot of fun to hear.

Side One

1. Pass the Wine (Kuchler) - 4:43
2. Rocket Roll (Williamson) - 5:15
3. Aero Plane (King/Kuchler) - 3:33
4. I Thought Alot Today (Kuchler) - 6:30

Side Two

1. Welcome On 6:52 (Berrafato/Gnatzig/Kuchler/Williamson) - 6:52
2. Standing on the Edge (Berrafato/Gnatzig/Kuchler/Williamson) - 6:56
3. Weedburner (Williamson) - 7:28



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