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Night On Earth

music reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: Night On Earth

Artist: Rialto
Genre: Rock
Release Date: March 2002

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
2 stars out of 4

If you are into the 80' electronic rock sound "Rialto" will put you right back in those times quickly. There are some really good pop tunes with loads of their British accent ala David Bowie, and there are some good guitar riffs on occasion, but not nearly enough. Even though I wasn't able to rock like I really wanted to I did enjoy this CD. Some folks feel that this is progressive; it couldn't be further from the truth. "Night On Earth" is Europop with an alternative slant to it. It has that definitive European disco-electronica sound that you would recognize if it was playing in Antarctica or Florida, it's unmistakable. Normally I am not all that crazy about this kind of music; in this case I found it enjoyable and something different to listen to for a change. And that is probably because I haven't heard anything like this for so long. This is group has a genuine talent and likable sound, and having the more than obvious foreign country flavor makes it that much more different for a listener.

This disc is the expensive import because of the bonus tracks. If you can do without the extra tracks just pick up the regularly priced CD. If you are anything like me you will drop the extra bucks so you can hear the songs and be able say that you have it.

This band needs to concentrate on utilizing their talents in a more experimental and progressive way. Something new and different is more interesting, whereas something that has run its course long ago is easier to forget. Don't get me wrong, many bands do this. I did enjoy this CD, I just think that they would be better served and more successful if they focused more on the present day with their sound.

1. London Crawling (Eliot/Rialto) - 4:43
2. Anything Could Happen (Eliot) - 4:14
3. Anyone Out There? (Eliot) - 3:22
4. Catherine's Wheel (Eliot) - 5:21
5. Idiot Twin (Eliot) - 4:17
6. Shatterproof (Eliot) - 4:39
7. Brilliant Fake (Eliot) - 3:21
8. Three Ring Circus (Eliot) - 4:23
9. Drive (Eliot) - 4:12
10. Deep Space (Eliot/Rialto) - 4:43
11. Underneath a Distant Moon (Eliot) - 3:13
12. Someone That She Used to Know [*Bonus Track] (Eliot) - 2:54
13. Catherine's Wheel [Live Acoustic Version-Bonus Track] (Eliot) - 4:33

Meet The Band:

Fergus Gerrand - Percussion
Julian Taylor - Guitar (Bass), Vocals (bckgr)
Pete Cuthbert - Drums
Louis Eliot - Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals
Toby Hounsham - Keyboards



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