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Natural Timbre

  out of 4 Music Review: Natural Timbre

Artist: Steve Howe
Genre: Rock, Jazz, Blues
Release Date: June 2001

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
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This is Steve Howe's first all acoustic solo instrumental album. Are you surprised? It was indeed a thought-provoking thing to know that a great guitar player such as Howe hadn't put together an album like this long ago. Known for his work with Yes over the last thirty years, Howe has earned his place amongst the progressive rock immortals. It is not unusual however that a great artist such as Howe hasn't done something that he has always wanted to do, it happens to the best of us in all professions. Most of us never accomplish every thing we want to and live our dreams. Howe has done all of that and more. I am quite pleased that I have had the opportunity to hear this tremendous effort of guitar virtuoso. Howe blends elements of rock, progressive, jazz, blues, and folk to give only the serious listeners what they would expect from such a high level six-string aficionado as Howe.

The acoustic ramblings of 'Pyramidology,' 'Dream River,' and 'Solar Winds' will satisfy the most astute listeners. Those of you that have enjoyed the likes of Andreas Segovia and Joe Pass, and require only the most excellent listening experiences will appreciate the way Howe weaves the tapestry of life and emotions into the strings of his acoustic guitars. Yes fans will delight in the closer 'To Be Over.' The first few notes will bring a smile to your face instantly.

Steve Howe has always wanted to sit down and collect his life experiences and thoughts and let them flow like a river through the music of an acoustic guitar. He succeeds in creating a clear sparkling stream without end. I found this CD to be very tranquil and beautifully moving. The pictures that are created with the sounds of something as simple as an acoustic guitar become a musical Picasso in the hands of one of our greatest artist.

1. Distant Seas (Howe) - 6:14
2. Provence (Howe) - 4:00
3. Intersection Blues (Howe) - 2:28
4. Family Tree (Howe) - 4:29
5. J's Theme (Howe) - 3:52
6. In the Course of the Day (Howe) - 3:32
7. Dream River (Howe) - 3:58
8. Golden Years (Howe) - 4:35
9. The Little Galliard (Dowland) - 1:22
10. Up Above Somewhere (Howe) - 3:56
11. Curls and Swirls (Howe) - 2:33
12. Pyramidology (Howe) - 3:06
13. Lost for Words (Howe) - 3:34
14. Winter (Vivaldi) - 2:16
15. Solar Winds (Howe) 3:53
16. Your Move (Anderson) - 3:27
17. Disillusion (Squire) - 1:41
18. To Be Over (Anderson/Howe/Squire/White) - 6:13



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