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More Than Conquerors

music reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: More Than Conquerors

Artist: Ken Hensley & John Wetton
Genre: Rock
Release Date: May 2002

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
2 stars out of 4

I must admit I was disappointed with most of this DVD. After watching the Uriah Heep DVD then listening to Ken Hensley and John Wetton do the some of the same songs, there was no comparison.

I have all the respect in the world for both men; they have given so much to music over the years, and that is what made this even more difficult for me to say that I really did not enjoy this experience. With the exception of the opening track with Hensley soloing on "Overture "La Tristeza Secreta de un Corazon Gitano" and a decent version of "July Morning," this was real letdown for me.

Wetton gets his turn and does not fair much better, his voice is weak and the backup support does not give him enough oomph to get his songs over. Things do pick up and change for the better on tracks 13-17. The band gets a few notches louder and Hensley plays some rousing guitar on "Out of my Control" and "Tell Me." Wetton sounds more like the Asia era voice on the closer "Heat if the Moment." If anything, the concert displays how Hensley can play a respectable lead guitar.

This has been very painful for me to write this review. After several five star reviews of projects that Hensley was involved in, it really saddens me that this time around I did not get pleasure from the visual and aural experience provided by rock legends. Well, its like they say- Ya can't love em' all. There will be more concert footage to come I am sure.

This one is for diehard collectors only.

1. Overture "La Tristeza Secreta de un Corazon Gitano"
2. A Minor Life
3. Easy Livin'
4. One way or Another
5. Return to Fantasy
6. July Morning
7. Battle Lines
8. Confession
9. Emma
10. Hold me Now
11. After All
12. The Wizard
13. I Don't Wanna Wait
14. Out of my Control
15. Tell Me
16. Lady in Black
17. Heat of the Moment



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