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Morbid Visions/Bestial Devastation

music review  out of 4

Artist: Sepultura
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: January 1998

Review by Ken
1½ stars out of 4

A pathetic early attempt by Sepultura to imitate the Satanic-thrash vibe of American counterparts Slayer. Given that this one was the band's first album, there is virtually no evidence of the raw genius and brilliance that Sepultura would display in groundbreaking future recordings like 'Chaos A.D.' and 'Roots'. The production work on this album is obscene; and the added inclusion of the Bestial Devastation E.P. seems pointless unless you're a Sepultura completist. I suppose the only thing worth mentioning about 'Morbid Visions' is the 'Troops Of Doom' track; but otherwise you'd do best to skip this with extreme prejudice.



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