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Mad Season

music reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: Mad Season

Artist: Matchbox Twenty
Genre: Rock/Pop
Release Date: May 2000

Review by LoriH
3½ stars out of 4

Matchbox Twenty, formerly Matchbox 20, rocks even harder the second time around. Their new release "Mad Season" is gushing with genuinely great musicianship.

After the phenomenal sales of Matchbox Twenty's first release, "Yourself or Someone Like You", the quintet has proven that they can sell records. Now they free to create and play the music they want to play.

Fans of the first release, "Yourself or Someone Like You", will love "Mad Season" equally as well or even more. They may have to listen to it a few times through at first to get used to the change. Most of "Mad Season" with the exception of "Bent" and "Stop" is completely different. There are more instrumental layers and a few different styles mixed together, making "Mad Season" a melting pot of musical artistry.

Other tracks such as "Leave", "Black and White People", and "You Won't Be Mine" really explore new territories and transcend into new musical heights. "Leave" includes the same edgy guitars and highly emotional lyrics that Rob Thomas is known for. Besides the usual Matchbox Twenty style of dramatic rock, there are added layers of classical instruments and sounds such as upper woodwinds like the flute. This is one piece of music that infuses your whole entire body with rich and highly sensitive emotions, making your stomach feel as if you're going down a steep hill on a roller coaster only to be filled with excitement and pure enjoyment when you reach the bottom of the hill.

The second track, "Black and White People", is another storybook song that opens with upper and lower brass instruments which captivate the listener upon impact. The last track, "You Won't Be Mine", features the piano as the main instrument, giving it a "Billy Joel" nightclub feel. On top of the piano are more layers of classical instruments; this time the instrumental layers are strings which really bring out the melody and make this track shine. When this track ends, don't stop or rewind the CD; there's another orchestral excerpt after the last track that repeats the melody of "You Won't Be Mine"!

If you're a die hard Matchbox Twenty fan, check out "Mad Season", it's an unbelievable sequel to "Yourself or Someone Like You" and a beautiful tapestry of musical creativity.



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