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Look Of Love: The Very Best of ABC

music reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: Look Of Love: The Very Best of ABC

Artist: ABC
Genre: Pop
Release Date: June 2002

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
3½ stars out of 4

The new wave era of the 80's had many different groups define that time in music. One of those groups was ABC. As far as I am concerned they were not new wave, they were classy pop with some jazz influences around the perimeter of their core sound. The focal point of their smooth pop center was lead singer Martin Fry. Fry's dress, demeanor, and voice were similar to the suave Bryan Ferry of Roxy Music. Mark White (guitar) and Stephen Singleton (saxophone) were the two original members that started the group, and then Fry joined them.

You tend to forget how many great songs a band puts together over the course of a career, particularly if it is a short lived one like this group. They quickly faded away into the back corners of my memory just as the 80's did.

This CD compilation of their best brought it all back quickly for me. Even though their sound was a fluffy and pop oriented, I genuinely enjoyed them. I always found appreciation for Fry's smooth vocal delivery and the above average production and musicianship in each song.

I like everyone else remember the big hits like "Smokey Says," "The Look of Love," "Poison Arrow," and "How To Be A Millionaire." I found myself singing right along as I went on a long drive while giving this CD a spin.

This was a lot of fun to listen to and their really is a lot of great music on this collection. If you have a soft spot for pop and some good memories of the 80's you will not find it a problem getting into this. Just the same, if you appreciate good pop music, you will enjoy this.

1. The Look of Love (Fry/Palmer/Singleton/White) - 3:29
2. All of My Heart (Fry/Palmer/Singleton/White) - 4:49
3. Poison Arrow (Fry/Lickley/Singleton/White) - 3:23
4. When Smokey Sings (Fry/White) - 4:18
5. That Was Then but This Is Now (Fry/Palmer/Singleton/White) - 3:33
6. Tears Are Not Enough (Fry/Lickley/Singleton/White) - 3:28
7. How to Be a Millionaire (Fry/White) - 3:34
8. The Night You Murdered Love (Fry/White) - 4:52
9. Peace and Tranquilty (Fry/Kentis/Palmer) - 4:03
10. One Better World (Fry/White) - 4:30
11. S.O.S. (Fry/Singleton/White) - 4:24
12. King Without a Crown (Fry/White) - 4:40
13. Be Near Me (Fry/White) - 3:37
14. Ocean Blue (Fry/White) - 3:38
15. Vanity Kills (Fry/White) - 3:33
16. The Real Thing (Fry/White) - 4:55
17. Blame (Fry/White) - 5:02

Group Members:

Martin Fry
Mark Lickley
Andy Newmark
David Robinson
Steve Singleton
Alan Spenner
Mark White
David Yarritu
David Palmer
Fiona Russell-Powell
Dave Wyndham



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