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Live In London

music reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: Live In London

Artist: Judas Priest
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: April 2003

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
3 stars out of 4

Ripper Owen is not Rob Halford but he sure can belt out a Judas Priest song. Owen got plenty of practice emulating Mr. Halford heading up a JP tribute band called British Steel, and that is in fact how the band discovered him. So now, that is history and another page out of the book of the Heavy Metal legends is turned.

They prove beyond the shadow of a doubt on Live in London that they have not missed a step. Owen also proves his mettle by being a dominating presence onstage just as Halford was, and with plenty of charisma, working the crowd with real showmanship. He cranks up the Priest faithful into a frothing-at-the-mouth frenzy every time he says the title of the song and the band launches into it with typical JP get-up-and-go with powerful guitar licks and the thumping and pumping rhythm section, then the audience goes berserk.

There are two CDs here of all the best from the JP catalog. You know its funny; in the early 80s I used to listen to Screaming for Vengeance while lifting weights. Now that is what I call being all pumped up, literally. Therefore, as you can imagine, it was like jumping into a time machine for me when I heard some of these songs. That was the only JP album, or cassette, that I ever owned. It actually sounds antiquated to say cassette nowthe times they are a changing. I really enjoyed this great rock music blaring from the speakers in the morning as I prepared myself for my day. It is quite a wakeup call believe me.

With 25 tracks of balls to the wall rock n roll plus some excerpts from the DVD (with the same title); it does not get much heavier than this for metal heads. Like Ripper says before the curtain closes-Judas Fucking Priest!!! Enough saidLets rock!

1. Metal Gods - 4:37
2. Heading Out to the Highway - 4:14
3. Grinder - 4:04
4. Touch of Evil - 5:59
5. Blood Stained - 5:11
6. Victim of Changes - 10:09
7. The Sentinel - 5:31
8. One on One - 6:06
9. Running Wild - 3:19
10. Ripper - 3:32
11. Diamonds and Rust - 4:13
12. Feed on Me - 5:25
13. Green Manalishi - 4:53
14. Beyond the Realms of Death - 7:16
15. Burn in Hell - 5:22
16. Hell Is Home - 5:48
17. Breaking the Law - 2:48
18. Desert Plains - 4:25
19. You've Got Another Thing Coming - 5:21
20. Turbo Lover - 5:39
21. Painkiller - 7:17
22. Hellion/Electric Eye - 0:36
23. United - 3:36
24. Living After Midnight - 2:55
25. Hell Bent for Leather - 5:14

Bonus: Extracts from the DVD Live In London



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