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Kenny Burrell and John Coltrane

  out of 4 Music Review: Kenny Burrell and John Coltrane

Artist: Kenny Burrell and John Coltrane
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 1958

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
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Guitarist Kenny Burrell and legendary tenor saxophone player John Coltrane got together in 1958 to create and improvise in a wonderful session of modern day jazz. With the help of Tommy Flanagan (piano), Paul Chambers (bass), and Jimmy Cobb (drums) this meeting of jazz giants is immortalized with the 20 Bit K2 Super Coding remastering techniques.

Coltrane was the king of the impromptu jazz session in the fifties. This is the reason there were so many strides in the development of jazz during this time period. The ability of these special men to flex their musical muscles and take a chance was the driving force of jazz music. Without this journeyman focus, jazz-fusion would have never been realized. This was also the time Coltrane introduced his "sheets of sound" methodology. Coltrane, along with Miles Davis were the prototypical jazz expressionists always on the move looking to come up with a new sound or angle with their playing style. They always did, and this is but one example of many sessions when Coltrane broke away from Davis, taking along his sideman for a fantastical musical adventure. Many have considered this time frame to be Coltrane's most creative. It's evident in each and every song that he inspired Kenny Burrell to play some standout guitar. The sheets of sound are all over this session. You can hear long breaks were each artist takes time to show how they are able to sculpture the music with their chosen instrument. Tommy Flanagan has his moments in his original number "Big Paul." It stretches out over fourteen minutes and makes you realize that the star headliners of this album were in some very good company. Flanagan also brings to the forefront the song dedicated to Trane entitled "Freight Train."

Consistency was Trane's trademark. I have never found lapses in any of his works, in fact with each subsequent listen of these now infamous collaborations, there is always something new to discover in each song. Coltrane is arguably one of the most influential musicians we have every known. He was right along side Miles as a leader and innovator that was respected and revered by listeners and peers alike.

1. Freight Trane (Flanagan) - 7:22
2. I Never Knew (FioRito/Kahn) - 7:06
3. Lyresto (Burrell) - 5:43
4. Why Was I Born? (Hammerstein/Kern) - 3:15
5. Big Paul (Flanagan) - 14:04



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