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Jurassic Shift

music reviewmusic reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: Jurassic Shift

Artist: Ozric Tentacles
Genre: Rock
Release Date: July 1993

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
4 stars out of 4

"Jurassic Shift" was recorded in 1992-93 and re-released by Snapper Music as a remastered edition in 1998. The label knew what they were doing when they chose this album as one of their remastered series from the Ozric Tentacles catalog. This has to rate as a career apex for the group. Every album I have heard thus far has been extraordinary, but this is one step above that. This is the kind of release that makes a group a well known commodity in a particular style of music. There are not too many groups that can claim they are doing something completely original or something no one else is doing, except for groups like this. They are, and remain the exception to the rule. I have always found it impossible to single out any one song on any of their recordings, every one is fantastic. An album is an event, one large endless jam session that is in a continual evolutionary state that's right on the edge of exploding into something entirely new, like a supernova. As each song begins and ends, and then the entire process starts again, you don't ever feel there was a break in between songs. They keep you entranced, excited, mystified, and always wondering what is going to happen next. And that after all is their strong appeal and a pioneering niche they created all for themselves.

The mind melting keyboards, the Middle Eastern influences, the hyper drive guitar riffs…its all here for you to throw yourself into. Be careful though, this stuff will carry you away; just remember to check back in.


1. Sun Hair (Ozric Tentacles) - 5:43
2. Stretchy (Hinton/Wynne) - 6:51
3. Feng Shui (Ozric Tentacles) - 10:24
4. Half Light in Thillai (Wynne) - 5:35
5. Jurassic Shift (Ozric Tentacles) - 11:05
6. Pterandodon (Ozric Tentacles) - 5:40
7. Train Oasis (Wynne) - 2:45
8. Vita Voom (Ozric Tentacles) - 4:48

Ozric Tentacles:

Joie Hinton - Keyboards, Sampling, Atmosphere
Merv Pepler - Drums, Ethnic Percussion
Ed Wynne - Guitar, Keyboards, Koto, Sampling, Atmosphere
Roly Wynne - Bass
Bum - Art Direction
John Egan - Flute
B.L.I.M. - Art Direction
Marcus ? - Percussion, Ethnic Percussion
Zia - Bass



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