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John Surette and The Deniros

music reviewmusic reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4

Artist: John Surette and The Deniros
Genre: Independent, Rock/Pop
Release Date: ??

Review by Jazzer
4 stars out of 4

From the opening moments of the opening track "I Know What I gotta do", John Surette and the Deniros do what they do best. They rock like a veteran unit should rock. The checkered past of Mr. Surette is well documented. He has written as many (good) songs and has played about as many good shows as anyone in the Boston music scene in the last twenty years. Finding local stardom early with the prolific Boys Life (the original Boston one) in the early eighties, the singer/songwriter/guitarist dissappeared into obscurity.That obscurity became the Deniros. Years and years of demos and lineup changes and seemingly oh so close to a record deal. But the deals never came. Most would have called in quits, not Surette. Years later, with the help of another trooper, David Minehan, Surette has hit paydirt. Simply entitled John Surette and The Deniros, this recording is nothing less than brilliant. The songs are great, the playing splendid with a strong lineup that also includes Melissa Wells on Bass, Kathy Demarco (Last Stand), and guitarist Tom Higgins , who came from nowhere other than a Boys Life tribute band(Two Doors Down). The ace in the hole is of course Minehan, who not only co-produced the recordings with Surette, but adds a lot of tasty guitar, inspiring background vocals, and the inclusion of the classic Neighborhoods (Minehan's old band) "Arrogance", which sounds almost as good as the original. If you want to hear how it's really done, do yourself a favor, and go out and buy this album, it's a classic.



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