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Artist: Micronauts
Genre: Techno/Electronica, Rock/Pop
Release Date: June 1999
Note(s): This is a CD single

Review by DjBatman
3 stars out of 4

You may have noted them as remixers for UK's own godfathers of electronica,The Chemical Brothers; now The Micronauts (George Issakidis and Christophe "Widowsky" Monier) are releasing their debut album and this single is an anticipation of the album. Trapped between a slowed down garage anthem (thanks also to some Joyce Sims vocal samples) and the nth acid house revival (isn't this the nth Summer of Love?) ;-) the track flows down well even if it is accompained by a less enjoyable Speedy J reworking on the promo cd I got; mr.Jochem Paap/Speedy J's style is quite different: he delivers a cross of new beat and industrial, fragmenting Sims' vocal snippets under a carpet of noisy drum machines. A bit like Art of Noise meets 1980's Belgian techno freaks. Interesting anway.



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