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music reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: Iommi

Artist: Iommi
Genre: Heavy Metal, Rock/Pop
Release Date: October 2000

Review by Chatterbox
3½ stars out of 4

I just wanted to tell some of you old rockers I listened to this new "Iommi" album twice last night....damn it's really good. Writing with Iommi brings out a certain never heard before evilness in Grohl & Billy Idol. The Billy Corgon one is the coolest thing Corgons done since "Gish". All the singers pull off some stuff they hadn't been capable of before (thank you Satan). It's easy in some ways to make fun of the album because most of the lyrics are hokey because everyone tries to write about devil stuff like the early "Sabbath" they grew up with (they seem to really have fun with it still)...& the guitar is mostly just Iommi Riff-ola but there is a mythical greatness about it. Iommi is showing all the guitarists who have ripped him off over the last 30 years (can you believe the 1st album came out in 1970) that he's still the master of riffage. It's heavy & evil as hell & there really isn't a throw away on it. I haven't liked a metal album this much in years. His sound has changed since the thin tone he had in the early days... it was as thick as possible for the time but now his own tone has been influenced by some of the people he influenced in the 1st place (thank you dime bag darrell)... I won't go into it any more but I just wanted to tell you guys not to laugh this album off...I was shocked at how good it is.... better than any of the new stoner rock. I wish it was a double album...I need more of this.



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