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If You Want It Come And Get It

  out of 4 Music Review: If You Want It Come And Get It

Artist: Irma Thomas
Genre: R&B
Release Date: April 2001

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
No rating supplied

In celebration of Rounder Records' birthday and their thirty year anniversary as America's premier roots label, the Heritage series has been introduced. The label will be releasing thirty different remastered albums. This will be the best of the best, taken from the three thousand albums the label has released since its inception. This is one of those great releases.

Irma Thomas has been dubbed the undisputed Queen of Soul (sorry Aretha). Hailing from Louisiana puts her in good company alongside some of the other famous and legendary performers from the hotbed of roots music. Thomas has been hard at work for over forty years now giving the music listening public some of the finest rhythm & blues, soul, and gospel.

This CD was a revelation and an inspiration for me. This incredible woman with her guttural vocal style sings like she ripped every word out of her heart one by one. Good lord, this is some of the most stirring and emotionally drenched rhythm & blues I have ever had the pleasure to hear. What a voice she has, and she performs with such smooth style and elegance.

I love the way the album kicks off with "All I Know Is The Way I Feel." The beat is so infectious, it sounds like a number one record that you would hear on the radio five times a day. With songs to pull on your heartstrings like "I Never Fool Nobody But Me" and "Love Don't Change," how much more expressive and down to business about the realities of life can it get? The title track, "If You Want It Come And Get It," reminds me of a good blues song with its sexual innuendo and humor. And "Heart Full Of Rain," my oh my, what a title for a song… Now doesn't that tell a story before you hear the music? And the disc closes out with a burning gospel number called "True Believer." There are sixteen tracks and they are all simply outstanding. Marcia Ball and Tracy Nelson offer their experience and hard earned reputations to the mix as well. It's all about the ladies struttin' their stuff, and they really show how it's done.

Irma Thomas has made a true believer out of me. There aren't too many women that have come and gone that can do it like she does. What a great album this is. If you love rhythm and blues or soul, you would be missing out on a real treasure trove of great music if you don't buy this CD.

1. All I Know Is The Way I Feel
2. I Count The Teardrops
3. The New Rules
4. The Story Of My Life
5. Love Don't Change (with Marcia Ball and Tracy Nelson)
6. I Never Fool Nobody But Me
7. I Needed Somebody
8. Old Records
9. Heart Full Of Rain
10. If You Want It, Come And Get It
11. Hold Me While I Cry
12. Love Of My Man
13. Yield Not To Temptation (with Marcia Ball and Tracy Nelson)
14. You Can Think Twice
15. Sorry Wrong Number
16. True Believer



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