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I Wish You Love

music reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: I Wish You Love

Artist: Janis Siegel
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: February 2002

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
3½ stars out of 4

Janis Siegel has had many fulfilling years and bountiful experience with one of the most successful jazz groups ever, "The Manhattan Transfer." As a solo artist she has managed to follow her heart without disrupting her bread and butter gig. She has been a leader of a group several times and has proven that as a member of a band or as a leader, she is an equally adept and engaging performer. "I Wish You Love" is a collection of songs that you probably know very well; with the difference being Ms. Siegel is performing the timeless classics in her own way. That is the beauty and resiliency of this music, it never gets old, it just becomes reborn through another artist.

"Mr. Sandman/Dream a Little Dream of Me" made me melt. Siegel can swagger and swoon and then give it a little oomph when needed, or she can sound like the sultry and sexy nightclub singer all in the same song. It's all about the mood and emotion of each song becoming one with the music and the singer. The taste and maturation of her voice makes the lyrics come alive and take on a life all their own. "The Big Hurt" and "The Late Late Show" are equally endearing, and very memorable highlights of a CD that is full them.

Janis Siegel wishes you love, and it comes straight from the heart for this songbird.

1. Just a Little Lovin' (Mann/Weil) - 4:48
2. I Want You to Be My Baby (Hendricks) - 2:38
3. Go Away Little Boy (Goffin/King) - 4:52
4. Mr. Sandman / Dream a Little Dream of Me (Andre/Ballard/Kahn/Schwandt) - 5:04
5. The Late Late Show (Alfred/Berlin) - 3:39
6. Don't Go to Strangers (Evans/Kent/Mann) - 5:05
7. (I'm Afraid) The Masquerade Is Over (Magidson/Wrubel) - 5:56
8. Where Are You? (Adamson/McHugh) - 4:43
9. Guess Who I Saw Today? (Boyd/Grand) - 3:24
10. I Wish You Love (Beach/Trenet) - 4:28
11. The Big Hurt (Shanklin) - 3:38



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