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music reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: Horrorscope

Artist: Eve 6
Genre: Rock/Pop
Release Date: July 2000

Review by LarryG
2 stars out of 4

Eve 6 have an undeniable ability to make catchy guitar rock. But on Horrorscope, their music doesn't have a distinguishing personality. And while Max Collins isn't as nasty as many of the angry singers on rock radio, his singing has an unpleasant edge.

Eve 6 seem doomed to one hit wonder status. Inside Out from their self titled CD had a great Jon Siebels guitar line and an irresistable momentum created by Collins' torrent of words. Nothing on Horrorscope has the same appeal though the new CD does often have the buoyant energy of Leech and Tongue Tied, the other singles from Eve 6's last CD.

At its best, Horrorscope is dumb but catchy. Promise, like the Cars' Magic, has attention grabbing chunky power chords on the chorus as Collins makes modest promises: "not to try to f--- with your mind", "not to mind if you go your way and I go mine" and "not to lie if I'm looking you straight in the eye." Rescue, with its perky chorus and cheesy, beeping keyboards, is also reminiscent of the Cars' mix of guitar rock and glossy pop. But its lyrics are painfully stupid: "like Jessica Rabbit, she collects bad habits." On The Roof Again has good energy from jagged guitar lines but Collins' singing and the lyrics about a young man hit hard by romantic disappointments have a nasty edge. Why would Collins think it was a good idea to repeatedly sing, "you're heinous highness broke her hyman"? Sunset Strip Bitch is as hard and unappealing as the worst early Stone Temple Pilots. Collins yells the title of the song about an ambitious Hollywood transvestite.

It's a cliche of contemporary rock that an otherwise tough band includes an obligatory slow song or two in a blatant attempt for pop success. Here's To The Night, with strings no less, is the kind of empty rock ballad that should have ended with John Waite. Collins is certainly not endearing as he looks for sympathy as he loves and leaves: "don't let me let you go." Amphetamines is simple, fast punky fun though Collins' attempt to seem like a good guy after dumping a woman is pretty lame: "phone me once in a while, let me know you're all right." What a guy! Nocturnal is also fast and fun with a good, crisp beat. Enemy is silly tough guy stuff about meeting an enemy but it and Jet Pack have very catchy choruses with Inside Out style stuttering, fluid guitar riffs.

Horrorscope was produced by Don Gilmore, who also produced A Place In The Sun by Lit, another generic, stupid band who make catchy pop songs. Horrorscope is a good sounding record. It has guitar rock heft, with Siebels' hard, yet loose playing. Horrorscope also has an appealing poppy energy. What it doesn't have much of is distinctiveness and the persona it creates from the singing and lyrics is dopey and unappealing.



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