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The Hoodoo Kings

  out of 4 Music Review: The Hoodoo Kings

Artist: Hoodoo Kings
Genre: Blues
Release Date: April 2001

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
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The Hoodoo Kings come rolling into your own backyard from the middle of the Louisiana heartland on their first self-titled Telarc CD. Eddie Bo (vocals, keyboards) Raful Neal (harp, vocals), and Rockiní Tabby Thomas (vocals, guitar) are veteran music men that have transformed into The Hoodoo Kings. This tremendously spicy and tasty Louisiana style blues-r & b excursion is a fresh and invigorating outlook on a genre that typifies the eclecticism of the area from whence it came.

A group of young bucks are on hand to help the seasoned veterans in the making of this strong album. Gregg Hoover (guitars), Denny Breau (guitars), Dan Corbett (bass), Darren Thiboutot (drums) and Kelly Jones (backup vocals) join in for a collaboration of the old and the new guard. I think thatís what makes this recording so good; the best of the new and old makes for a compatible marriage of sound and experience. Both young and old blues enthusiasts will derive pleasure and contentment from it because of the balance of age and experience that is found in each song.

The album starts off with a very familiar tune done with a distinct southern Cajun twist. "I Fought The Law" is a timeless classic that has been covered by many artists. I think you will find this version unlike anything that you have ever heard. In fact, it is so different; you could be persuaded to believe itís an original. "Hard Times" is the best song, going away. Itís a catchy rockiní funky blues tune that has an irresistible riff running through the entire length of the song. And another classic, by Bob Dylan is covered, "If I Donít Be There By Morning." Once again the group has a way of making a song all their own without making it sound like a typical remake.

Ardent followers of these legendary luminaries will be pleased when they hear this CD. The folks that havenít been exposed to this music yet will find it to be an unearthing of discovery and musical realization. This is cooking blues music just looking for a new audience to grab hold of. I am sure there will be no problem attracting any uninitiated music lovers to such quality music. What more could you possibly ask for? Legends and those that will be, all together on one session.

A good mixture of originals and classics makes for a zesty blues stew that continues to simmer from start to finish on this marvelous CD. I suggest you get your order in today.

1. I Fought The Law
2. Stumble And Fall
3. Monkey Business
4. Mean And Evil Woman
5. If I Don't Be There By Morning
6. I've Been Mistreated
7. I Am The Hoodoo King 8. Hard Times
9. I Need Your Love So Bad
10. Luberta
11. Leave It Like It Is
12. Big Chief
13. If I Ever Get Lucky



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