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Guitar Play

  out of 4 Music Review: Guitar Play

Artist: Cat Rood
Genre: Rock
Release Date: March 2000

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
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Cat Rood is one cool cat guitar slinger on her all instrumental "Guitar Play" CD. The first track "Outwalking The Storm" is a smokiní blues-rock number, and the storm is her guitar. After that she plays around for a while with her guitar experimenting with sounds and a genre melting pot. I wasnít real impressed with some of the tracks as I felt they were really undirected and unfocused. It seems as though she was content adventuring into a flourish of instrumental progressions without any apparent rhyme or reason. Itís comparable to a mad scientist in a lab. She had fun I am sure, regardless of my opinion or anyone elseís, and that is whatís most important to any creative process. I admire her for her attitude and taking a chance.

When she finally gets down to business and gets serious this woman really rocks. She sounds as if she could easily be regarded as one of the top instrumental guitarists with more fine-tuning. On tracks eight through ten she really gets down to business and struts her stuff. "No Vacancy" is the best song on the entire recording hands down. "Warp Drive" and "Finale" follow as a close second and third.

The man who really jump-started all of the six-string pyrotechnics in the eighties is Joe Satriani. I think artists like Cat owe him a lot for the attention and validity that this kind of style has been receiving for so many years.

Potential? This girl has oodles of it. If she could make an entire album with the consistency of the last three tracks I am sure that the recognition she desires will be coming her way in no time.

1. Outwalking The Storm
2. For Who Else?
3. Dreamscape
4. The End Of The World
5. Calm Before
6. Take The Detour
7. The Cut
8. No Vacancy
9. Warp Drive
10. Finale



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