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  out of 4 Music Review: Gotcha!

Artist: Ernest Ranglin
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: June 2001

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
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Ernest Ranglin plays some attention-grabbing and multi-hued guitar on "Gotcha!" This release is more reggae and ska flavored than any previous release with Telarc. With a Caribbean backdrop to set the tone, Ranglin cuts loose with some stirring licks of jazz, reggae, ska and blues. In the liner notes he is credited as being one of the architects of ska back in the fifties and the natural stylistic heir to Wes Montgomery. That certainly puts this manís career into perspective, and itís also an indicator of the seasoned chops heard throughout this recording.

Itís more than obvious to me that Ranglin has the admiration and respect of his peers and critics. With just one listen to this unique brand of music and you will agree with the recognition and plaudits that are so graciously bestowed upon him. This is a rock solid album that will please a broad base of listeners because of its eclectic musical scenery. Grab a copy for yourself today man, and enjoy your trip to islands without a passport.

1. Soulful Moments
2. Blackout
3. The Bubbler
4. Pass The Dutchie (Aka Pass The Kouchie)
5. Way Back When
6. Thinking Of You
7. Moondance
8. Rock It With Me
9. Gotcha



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