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Good Timin: Live At Knebworth 1980

music reviewmusic reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: Good Timin: Live At Knebworth 1980

Artist: Beach Boys
Genre: Rock
Release Date: March 2003

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
4 stars out of 4

The Beach Boys, known for their fantastic recordings in the studio such as the brilliant Pet Sounds, never received a lot of credit for their live performances. Good Timin: Live At Knebworth England 1980 is evidence that they were indeed a very capable live band performing their most popular and difficult tracks live with expertise and incredibly contagious energy. The significance of this performance is that it was the last time the lineup of Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson, Dennis Wilson, Al Jardine, Mike Love, and Bruce Johnston would ever step foot together again on a stage in the U.K.

Forty three thousand people attended the 100,000-capacity Knebworth venue, which by anyones standards is a darn good turnout. The crowd enjoyed the performance immensely and interacted by joining in on all of the audience participation events, including singing Happy Birthday to Brian (his 38th).

This recording is available in three formats, CD, DVD and VHS. I had the pleasure listen to the CD and watch the DVD. Both formats are quality reproductions regarding both audio and visual experiences. First, I listened to the CD. I was impressed with how good they sounded live. I often wondered if they could come near to duplicating the genius of Brian Wilsons studio work onstage. It was not perfect reproduction, but damned near.

While watching the DVD I noticed that Dennis Wilson seemed to be having the time of his life jumping around and hollering to the crowd. He also played some mean drums and he sang You Are So Beautiful so much like Joe Cocker it was scary, in fact, before I actually saw it performed and read the liner notes, I thought it was Cocker! I noticed there were many breakaways to Dennis and Carl during the footage on the DVD. Carl smiled often and showed how he not only sang beautiful but also how could play lead guitar as good as anyone could. Brian remained in the background expressionless, playing the piano while brothers Carl and Dennis (god rest their souls) took the spotlight. Carl took the lead on several songs including Good Vibrations and God Only Knows. The entire band could sing and play, with the exception of Mike Love who just sang, they all played instruments and sang wonderfully soaring harmonies and lead vocals. The best song on both the CD and DVD is Keepin the Summer Alive. They were promoting the album with the same name at the time. The guitar playing of Carl really caught me off guardhe rocked the house down on that number!

Mike Grant writes loving liner notes as one of the greatest fans of the band and puts things into proper perspective for long time fans of the group while engaging the newer fans as well. Reading such touching and carefully written words make this audio and visual treat that much more special. This is a real keepsake for me. As I grow older, my appreciation for this great band grows. They were an integral part of American culture. For a day, England borrowed them from us. I am sure the folks that attended will never forget that performance, now we dont have to either.

1. Intro - 0:48
2. California Girls (Love/Wilson) - 3:10
3. Sloop John B (Traditional/Wilson) - 3:04
4. Darlin' (Love/Wilson) - 2:37
5. School Days (Berry) - 3:26
6. God Only Knows (Asher/Wilson) - 2:51
7. Be True to Your School (Love/Wilson) - 2:27
8. Do It Again (Love/Wilson) - 3:07
9. Little Deuce Coupe (Christian/Wilson) - 2:14
10. Cotton Fields/Heroes and Villains (Ledbetter/Parks/Wilson) - 5:18
11. Happy Birthday Brian (Bachman/Wilson) - 1:24
12. Keepin' the Summer Alive (Bachman/Wilson) - 3:42
13. Lady Lynda (Altbach/Jardine) - 5:00
14. Surfer Girl (Wilson) - 2:39
15. Help Me Rhonda (Love/Wilson) - 4:04
16. Rock and Roll Music (Berry) - 2:22
17. I Get Around (Love/Wilson) - 2:13
18. Surfin' USA (Berry/Wilson) - 2:54
19. You Are So Beautiful (Fisher/Preston) - 3:13
20. Good Vibrations (Love/Wilson) - 6:03
21. Barbara Ann (Fassert) - 2:45
22. Fun, Fun, Fun (Love/Wilson) - 4:49



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