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Flesh On Flesh

music reviewmusic reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: Flesh On Flesh

Artist: Al Di Meola
Genre: Jazz, Rock
Release Date: August 2002

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
4 stars out of 4

Al Di Meola manages to release a top shelf album every time out. I do not believe he has ever received a negative response to anything he has ever done in the studio or live, at least I have never read a bad review. I cannot possibly imagine that happening. He has been the true innovator consistently throughout his career, always reinventing himself, standing ready to embrace new styles and worldly influences. From classic jazz-rock fusion albums to acoustic splendor, Di Meola has been the accomplished professional and technician.

"Flesh on Flesh" has a nice texture to it with variations of all his styles on one CD. The folks that have enjoyed his electric output will appreciate this release, and in the same way, those that have appreciated the lighter softer side of his musical personality will find something to value as well. As much as I respect the man's work, I prefer when he plays the electric guitar much more. There seems to be more energy and variety in his music when he does. I can also be pleased when he jumps from an acoustic setting to electric within one song.

His ever-present Latin and world influences abound as they intertwine with elemental rock and jazz fusion that stems from his compelling six-string framework. As he lays down the foundation for those that surround him, every other instrument joins in and blends into the mix impeccably and effortlessly. The mind-set that Di Meola firmly puts into motion is easily maintained at a breakneck pace throughout this CD, thanks to the outstanding talent in each position. If you listen to how he noticeably speeds up his guitar playing in the opening track "Zona Desperata," and then slows it down, you will be able to see and hear what I have. Moments like that are commonplace when cultures meet music and then fuse into one. Di Meola has been one of the recognized masters of this process.

We have yet another masterpiece from the master of jazz-rock guitar himself, Al Di Meola.

1. Zona Desperata (Di Meola) - 9:23
2. Innamorata (Di Meola) - 8:38
3. Meninas (Gismonti) - 5:41
4. Flesh on Flesh (Di Meola) - 5:57
5. Fugata (Piazzolla) - 5:46
6. Deep and Madly (Di Meola) - 1:45
7. Saffire Soleil (Di Meola) - 4:11
8. Señor Mouse (Corea) - 9:24


Al DiMeola - Guitar (Acoustic), Dumbek, Percussion, Arranger, Cymbals, Guitar (Electric), Keyboards, Producer, Tympani
Gonzalo Rubalcaba - Fender Rhodes, Soloist
Alejandro Santos - Flute, Flute (Bass), Pan Pipes
Ernie Adams - Drums
Anthony Jackson - Bass (Electric), Double Bass
Gumbi Ortiz - Conga
Mario Parmisano - Synthesizer, Piano, Arranger, Calliope, Marimba, Synthesizer Piano
Jean Valdes - Sax (Alto)
Guillermo Ruiz - Sax (Alto)



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