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Feedback 86

music reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: Feedback 86

Artist: Steve Hackett
Genre: Rock
Release Date: June 2002

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
3 stars out of 4

Steve Hackett's legacy has reached legendary proportions over the years due to his contributions to progressive rock in bands like Genesis. His solo career has also left its imprint upon the history of progressive rock. Although I haven't heard too much of his solo work, this release and Darktown give me a good idea of what direction Hackett went on two of his outings.

"Feedback 86" was his post GTR solo album, and it probably was a huge disappointment, it certainly was for me. It all sounds like over produced fluff; it's overtly technical, fake and plastic. It's really a shame, as Hackett is a great guitar player, one of the best. What saves the day are the 20 MP3 bonus tracks. I suggest you skip right over the album and go right to the MP3's, they are excellent. Chester Thompson and Ian McDonald also contribute tracks. Several of the songs are of the unplugged variety. Of particular interest are the cuts from the "Tokoyo Tapes." "Court of the Crimson King" and "Heat Of The Moment" are fantastic acoustic adventures that will have prog fans and collectors reeling. "Sketches of Satie-Pieces Froides #2," "Skteches of Satie-Gnossienne #2," and "Momentum-Cavalcanti" show a beautiful side of Hackett's guitar playing. All the tracks have a decidedly Latin flavor ala Segovia.

I know that Steve Hackett has garnered rave reviews and the respect of his peers over the years, and I am a little disappointed that I couldn't rant and rave about his work. I hope I have the opportunity to hear more of his catalog in the near future so I don't have to look at his solo career through just two CDs. I have a feeling he did a lot of great work over the years that I just haven't had the privilege to hear yet. I believe regardless of my feelings that these two discs were well worth the listen and any prog rock diehard would find some value and entertainment in them, I certainly did, especially in all of the MP3s.


1. Cassandra (Hackett) - 4:07
2. Prizefighters (Hackett/Howe) - 5:13
3. Slot Machine (Hackett/May) - 4:23
4. Stadiums of the Damned (Hackett) - 4:42
5. Don't Fall (Hackett) - 4:25
6. Oh How I Love You (Hackett) - 3:58
7. Notre Dame des Fleurs (Hackett) - 3:11
8. The Gulf (Hackett) - 7:21

* Bonus Tracks-20 MP3 Songs

Steve Hackett - Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals, Producer
Bonnie Tyler - Vocals
Nick Magnus - Drums, Keyboards
Terry Pack - Bass
Pete Trewavas - Bass
Ian Mosely - Drums



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