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Artist: Malcolm McLaren
Genre: Rock/Pop
Release Date: 1984

Review by DjBatman
4 stars out of 4

Opera and dance music. A theme that McLaren would have touched again later in "Round the outside! Round the outside!" (1990).  This concept album melts some classic arias from Puccini and Bizet with the sound of drum machines, synths and rap vocals. McLaren appears here and there with his weird vocals: as Lt. Pinkerton of US Navy, commenting the sad story of Cho Cho San, told by Puccini in "Madam Butterfly"; or in the self-biographical "Boys chorus" (which contains the aria "La' sui monti dell'est"). The title track is about a girl who is a fan of some singer... and the voice of the girl reading a letter to her idol "Dear Peter, I am one of your greatest fans..." is interrupted by inserts of "Nessun dorma" (long before Pavarotti/Carrares/ Domingo's use of the same aria). One of the happiest moments in the career of the prankster genius of rock-n-roll.



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