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music reviewmusic reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: Erpland

Artist: Ozric Tentacles
Genre: Rock
Release Date: August 1998

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
4 stars out of 4

The digitally remastered version of "Erpland", which was originally released in 1990, is regarded as the first official album by Ozric Tentacles. They had released a series of cassettes in the eighties prior to this album. This1998 version by Snapper Records brings the exceptional quality and multiplicity of Ozric Tentacles' music out with sonic delight on every track. The stylistic variety is breathtaking on this prog-space masterwork. From the rocking surfy "Sunscape" to the Middle Eastern deserts of "Mysticum Arabicola," the musical landscape changes at every turn. "Erpland" is a driving pulsating rocker, and one of the highlights of the entire CD. Then to make yet another musical shift, "Iscence" is a rock reggae splash of island sun.

This group is fully capable of handling whatever change of direction that every group member decides to go in a song. Each individual makes the necessary adjustments to follow along and fulfill their obligation to the group as whole. This is exceedingly intricate and hypnotic music; it can be mystical and soothing and also change in the next song to powerful and exciting rock. Its no wonder this is considered some of their best work, there isn't a whole lot that they missed on this session. It seems that just about every style was touched upon one time or another.

Albums like this serve as a benchmark for an entire genre and a landmark for the group that created it. This group spurred on the jamband sound, but in a different way than the Grateful Dead did, however they played a huge role in starting a fire that continues to burn today.


Joie Hinton - Synthesizer, Sampling
Ed Wynne - Synthesizer, Guitar, Producer
John - Flute, Vocals
John Egan - Flute, Voices
Marcus - Percussion


1. Eternal Wheel (Pepler/Wynne) - 8:20
2. Toltec Spring (Egan/Hankin/Wynne) - 3:03
3. Tidal Convergence (Ozric Tentacles) - 7:14
4. Sunscape (Ozric Tentacles) - 4:02
5. Mysticum Arabicola (Wynne) - 9:14
6. Crackerblocks (Wynne) - 5:40
7. Throbbe (Wynne) - 6:21
8. Erpland (Wynne) - 5:32
9. Valley of a Thousand Thoughts (Everette/Wynne) - 6:32
10. Snakepit (Pepler/Wynne) - 3:17
11. Iscence (Egan/Pepler/Wynne) - 4:37
12. Gift of Wings (Wynne) - 9:47



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