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music reviewmusic reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: EP7

Artist: Autechre
Genre: Rock/Pop, Techno/Electronica
Release Date: July 1999

Review by Isoproponal
4 stars out of 4

Autechre are probably the vanguard of contemporary electronica today, and as long as they keep releasing records as simultaneously inventive and funky, dirty and febrile as the12-track "EP7" release, it doesn't look like they're set to be overtaken. They really get inside their machines, which nowadays are mostly self-built simulated synthesisers running on hi-power computers, and wire up the strangest and most inhuman sounds - clunks, clicks, bursts of static, etc - yet harness them to melodies so seductive, and beats so devastating, that the listener becomes wholly one with their music. "EP7" has a spiralling crystalline graphic motif on the cover art, and this suits the music just fine. Most of the titles are invented nouns or abstract phrases - the implication being thatthe music should not be bound by such restraints.

From the enormous beats of "Dropp", which is similarly pumping to Aphex Twin's "Windowlicker", to the glistening electronics and piano of "Pir", which sounds like a soundtrack to the kind of dream you get asleep on board the Millenium Falcon as it goes into hyperdrive, to the truly bizarre "Coec", this album is a striking and extraordinary experience. Completely unlike anything you'll have ever heard before, yet very accessible and instantly comfortable, "EP7" is a thrilling and vibrant record.



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