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E Pluribus Funk

music reviewmusic reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: E Pluribus Funk

Artist: Grand Funk Railroad
Genre: Rock
Release Date: November 2002

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
4 stars out of 4

On "E Pluribus Funk" Grand Funk embellished their music with keyboards more than ever before, keeping Mark Farner busy along with his other duties as the primary vocalist and lead guitar player. The political theme of their music stood in the forefront of their lyrics with "People, Let's Stop The War" and "Save The Land." It was for the band to bring attention to current events and a plea to protect our planet's environment. "Footstompin' Music" was a real rock boogie classic and it was an instant hit, which became a live staple at all of their shows. Their sound was getting more mature and intricate with the addition of the keyboards to their repertoire.

Besides the newly bolstered sound, four bonus tracks are the latest addition to this album. By adding keyboards, their sound remained uncompromised. They were getting better and better. The crunch and power of the trio was as strong as ever. Don Brewer got the chance to become a better vocalist with more opportunities to take the lead role, and he thrived when given that opportunity, as did his drumming. Mel Schacher continued to be a tower of strength on bass, closing the circle for the rhythm section in always-timely fashion. For three people they sure knew how to make great music with a loud thundering sound, and they continued to prove it every time they got into the studio.

All cranked up and ready to go, they effortlessly pumped out great music one album after another; this one was yet another masterpiece of harnessed rock energy. They were ready to invite excitement for anyone that would listen.

1. Footstompin' Music - 3:48
2. People, Let's Stop the War - 5:12
3. Upsetter - 4:27
4. I Come Tumblin' - 5:40
5. Save the Land - 4:13
6. No Lives - 3:57
7. Loneliness - 8:38

Bonus Tracks:
8. I'm Your Captain/Closer To Home
9. Hooked On Love
10. Get It Together
11. Mark Says Alright


Mark Farner - Guitar, Harmonica, Composer, Keyboards, Vocals
Don Brewer - Drums, Vocals
Mel Schacher - Bass, Vocals



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