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The Decals

music reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4

Artist: The Decals
Genre: Independent, Rock/Pop
Release Date: ??

Review by Jazzer
3 stars out of 4

Immediately upon hearing “If I (Ever See You Again)” the opening track on this four song EP, I found my head bobbing and digging this retro garage sound. The Decals are far from polished and the production on this particular series of songs is far from perfect, which is OK especially if you enjoy the true essence of ‘Garage Rock’; Keep it raw, simple and of course, rockin’.

Essentially The Decals are Nicole Johnson and Michelle Paulhus. They each contribute two songs on what is basically their debut effort as a band. Johnson, who also plays guitar, wrote “If I”, possibly the EP’s most accessible track, and “”Going Out”, while Bassist Paulhus adds “Cry” and the equally impressive “Corner”. All four songs (mixed by The Nines Evan Shore) have their moments and show that the Decals, who recently changed their drummer and added a new lead guitarist, are one with great potential that you should keep your eye on.



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