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music reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: Crosstied

Artist: The Cruzarz
Genre: Gospel, Christian Rock, Blues
Release Date: January 2003

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
2½ stars out of 4

The Cruzarz are throwing in some new wrinkles into their sound on Crosstied. I heard So True in November of 2002 and felt it was good Christian rock music. They have definitely made some improvements to their overall sound and approach, giving them a more eclectic base of genres to draw from. Once again, I heard their ties to the blues but now I am hearing a country-rock flavor in Jack Beckers lead guitar playing. It reminded of the Eagles and similar sounding bands. I recognized this readily on every track.

Their subject matter remains the same; they are Christians spreading the word of the Lord through their music. I do not mind that one iota; this is a good-feeling-all-over type of album with value abounding at every musical turn. You cannot ask for much more as a listener that enjoys rock music with some taste and flair. In a musical sense of the word, they offer the horn of plenty, a holy atonement if you will, through their music, which acknowledges our weaknesses as humans while always offering hope.

It is good to see growth with a band and to hear something that was not like what they recorded on the previous release. This is the mark of true talent and I believe that this band will continue to evolve just as the individuals in the group are.

I would like to hear some acoustic instrumental material from them next time around, possibly with a choir backing them as well; a church has great acoustics for all that! (Which I am sure they are very aware). That is only a personal preference but I also believe that they would do a nice job with an arrangement like that. Well, that is my request for the next album; I sure enjoyed this one though.

The only disappointment was the video; it is a MOV file, which I could not view for some reason. I have Windows XP Professional with Windows Media Player version 9 with all the updates so I cannot understand what happened, however I did get an error message stating that the file may be corrupted. Anything is possible with computers we all know that. Well that was a minor problem; it was an unexpected bonus, so it was no big deal for me because the music was very satisfying.

1. The Lament-3:20
2. Stay The Same-4:35
3. Dem Lies-3:08
4. Joppa Glow-4:22
5. The Way-2:55
6. Times Away-4:22
7. Otium Sanctum-4:25
8. Wake Up-3:07
9. Is Freedom-4:41
10. Crosstied-6:16

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