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Chyna Doll

music reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: Chyna Doll

Artist: Foxy Brown
Genre: Rap
Release Date: January 1999

Review by Josh Carter
3½ stars out of 4

Foxy Brown has accomplished more at the age of 22 than most artists do before they're 30. She burst onto the scene on LL Cool J's 'I Shot Ya', and it was clear then that it was Foxy's world, and we're just living in it. After rhyming on various songs, including the remix of Toni Braxton's 'You're Makin Me High,' Brown was a bona-fide MC even before she dropped her debut album, Ill NaNa, which went over platinum status. Now Foxy's returned to the rap scene with 'Chyna Doll,' and it's a great album, aside from a few bad songs. Various cameos from Jay Z, DMX, Mya, Total, Juvenile only make the album better. 'Chyna White' starts us off (after an intro), and in this song Brown compares herself to the drug China White (how special.) 'My Life' is a great song in which Brown recounts her past, including her thoughts of suicide, her infamous spitting in the face of a reporter, what people think of her, and her ill-fated friendship with Lil Kim ('you was my sister/we used to dream together/how we could make it real big/do our thing together/Thelma and Louise together/ we don't even speak/went our seperate ways/seperate lives/lost friendship for pride.') 'Hot Spot' is the party song on the album, and Mya adds her sweet vocals to 'JOB.' Total harmonizes on the showstopper 'I Can't,' and her partner in crime Jay Z shows up on 'Bonnie and Clyde Part 2.' '4-5-6' is the best track, in which she rhymes with Beanie Siegal and Memphis Bleek, and the rest of the album kinda slows down, with an extremely lame (and flat out bad) song with her brother Pretty Boy called 'Can U Feel Me Baby.' The album closes with 'It's Hard Being Wifee' with Noreaga, and Brown warns fellow females 'any bitch could luck up and have a kid,' but tells off that oh-so pesky ex of his 'and on top of all this bullshit/i'm still his chick.' Even though Jay Z may have left his 'Bonnie' (Brown) to fend for herself when 'Chyna Doll' didn't do as well as they had hoped (even though it went past platinum status), by the looks of her new album, 'Broken Silnce', Brown's doing just fine on her own.



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