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Chamber Music

music reviewmusic reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: Chamber Music

Artist: Coal Chamber
Genre: Rock/Pop, Heavy Metal
Release Date: September 1999

Review by Ken
4 stars out of 4

By the time I was into the 6th track on 'Chamber Music', I realised without a doubt that Coal Chamber have recorded one of the best rock albums of 1999. Really, it's THAT good. Just listen to anything from "El Cu Cuy" to "Tyler's Song" and "My Mercy" and you'll see that's there's really no argument. To call the band a hardcore outfit would be unfair; because they're so much more than that. What struck me the most is the strong melodic quality to the music here, suggesting an intelligence that far exceeds the limited trappings of the aggressive music tag more commonly associated with the band's name. Most of the songs here also possess subtle religious and spiritual overtones, yet at the same time maintain a sinister and foreboding edge to them. If there's any justice, this band should sell millions of records.



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