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Brooklyn Bank

music reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: Brooklyn Bank

Artist: Here
Genre: Techno/Electronica
Release Date: January 1999

Review by DjBatman
3½ stars out of 4

Italy vs. USA. Post-rock vs. Electronica. Pordenone meets New York, as the NY-obsessed mind of former Meathead rocker Mauro Teho Teardo joins Jim Filer Coleman of Cop Shoot Cop in an attempt to create something new and unusual. Dark electronic atmospheres, fast drums, a cello, the "black Bjork" Carolyn "Honeychild" Coleman, Lydia Lunch (queen of the spoken word): this -and much more- is the substance of the album. Teho, which I contacted by e-mail recently and then met before a live appearance with Here, is the opposite of the typical rockstar stereotype. He is mostly someone who wants to have fun experimenting with music, trying different directions with different collaborators (some of the album contributors sent their sampled sounds in mp3 format to Teho who later put them in the mix). Out of the drugged years with Meathead, Teho made a name for himself as a polymorphic entity in the world of music (as a producer/remixer for dozens of different acts or contributing to compilations of experimental electronica; under the alias MTT he even produced commercial techno stuff for the German market). Tha album is exceptional, but the live show is possibly even better (even if some of the album contributors are replaced bu other musicians). Both Jim and Teho play sampled sounds live (they don't just click a button on a dat... they play the samples note by note!!), they sing, Teho sometimes plays guitar, sampler and sings simultaneously... at one point he even tries to hit some drum...(!) Teho says he plans to move to the US, because the place where he lives in Italy is not the exactly the best place for making music... and also because he is completely fascinated by New York. Whatever he will do, and wherever they may be based in the next years, I am sure that these citizens of the world will be still doing something great.



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