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Bounce with the Massive

music reviewmusic review  out of 4

Artist: Tzant
Genre: Dance
Release Date: January 1998

Review by DjBatman
2 stars out of 4

Tzant produced the UK Top 15 "Sound of the wickedness" and the label on the promo cd says they're a "breakbeat duo". Hmmm. One of them, producer Jamie White, is half of PF Project, which was responsible for "Choose life" a dancefloor anthem featured on the "Trainspotting 2" soundtrack album (a sort of second album of soundtrack music from the Irvine Welsh inspired drugged-up smash hit film of the 90's) sampling Ewan McGregor's dialogue from the film itself. This single is too cheap and fails to repeat the success of its predecessors. Featuring a 70's bassline and funky guitar that seem borrowed from Deee-Lite plus (argh! not that!) a breakbeat last used with some credibility by Moby in 1995, if I'm not wrong (yes, the infamous Coldcut/Eric B & Rakim or -if ya prefer- PM Dawn "Set adrift on memory" drum loop), an old scratching sample apparently from -hey! not again- Coldcut's Eric B remix track (double aaargh), a human beatbox intro and rapper Marcel Atteen, it just sounds like an imitation of the Outhere Brothers minus the swearwords.   There are 3 versions, the last one is the worst, with L-Dopa's unimaginative 4-beat.



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