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Best Of Hothouse Flowers

music reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4

Artist: Hothouse Flowers
Genre: Rock/Pop
Release Date: October 2000

Review by Adrianl
3 stars out of 4

This new album by the hot house flowers, is a collection of all their greatest hits in Ireland and abroad. Hearing a rumour that they have recently changed their name to Alt, I ws not surprised to hear that London Records, developed this album without the invovment of the band at all. These hits span back over the last 15 years and include the songs, "Don't go", "At the movies", and their 1998 hit "You can love me now".

Beginning their musical careers as buskers on the city streets, they won street entertainment awards, and grew from strength to strength, having a huge fanbase in Ireland and America. Their music inspires different genres of music including rock, jazz, and soul. This new album shows their developments in music throughout the record, with their earliest songs being very fast and soulful, their 1998 hits have a more broody rocky beat, putting a lot more emotion into the song. The singer Liam O Moanlaigh, has a fantastic voice, being able to hit different keys and ranges on each song. Anyone who can listen to this record, and not think of fond of sad memories, when they hear the lyrics that Liam O moanlaigh is singing, must be very insensative people, because it is difficult not to think of past moments. The best song out of all their hits on this album is definatly"You can love me now". This song is fantastic because it is totally different to the normal stuff they record, instead of the very identable piano playing and backround soul inspired singing, This song has a lethal riff and a strong hypnotic rythmic beat on the drums, paving way for one of the singers strong but effective vocal chords.

This record is a good start me up for anyone who is intrested in the hothouse flowers and is considering buying an album, but if you have their last 4 albums already, their is no point buying this record at all, because there is nothing new on the album, that you haven't heard before. One fault that I do find with it is that the songs are badly chosen. They are very good, but there are songs that they have missed out on which are absolute classics



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