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The Best Of Simple Minds

music reviewmusic reviewmusic reviewmusic review  out of 4 Music Review: The Best Of Simple Minds

Artist: Simple Minds
Genre: Rock
Release Date: June 2002

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
4 stars out of 4

I lost track of the Simple Minds after the eighties became nothing more than a memory. After being tuned in and turned on to the magnetic and charismatic lead vocals of Jim Kerr on the heart pumping "Don't You Forget About Me" (The Breakfast Club) and "Alive And Kicking," the chart topping singles, I picked up "Sparkle In The Rain" and then shortly therafter lost interest. I wish now I would have continued to listen. The lineup of Simple Minds featured Kerr on lead vocals, a rhythm section of Tony Donald on bass and Brian McGee on drums, plus keyboardist Mick McNeil; Donald was soon replaced by Derek Forbes. This career retrospective proves to me that there was an awful lot good music left from this group after I stopped listening. This 2 CD set puts together 32 tracks that clearly define the Simple Minds sound and mindset. This is the "Glittering Prize" for faithful fans of the group.

The other songs that I really enjoyed were "She's A River," "Mandela Day," and the rousing instrumental "Theme For Great Cities." These Glasgow rockers had something to say, and they did through there music ala Peter Gabriel. And there is no coincidence they covered his song "Biko." Noteworthy was the authoritative bass playing of Tony Donald, he really was the driving force behind everything else going on in every song. I also noticed how Kerr sounded like Bono of U2 when he got real emotional and pumped up in a song. That similar vocal inflection comes as no surprise as they are both from the same neck of the woods.

As the eighties came to pass the 90's didn't prove to be as kind to the group, their large following would dissipate. Recently they have released new material backed by a tour and this compilation with the hope of gaining back the audience they once had.

"Sanctify Yourself" and get reacquainted with this great rock-pop unit. It was an energizing, inspiring, spiritual awakening for me to listen to this music again.

Disc One

1. Don't You (Forget About Me) (Chiff/Forsey) - 4:23
2. Promised You a Miracle (Simple Minds) - 3:58
3. Waterfront (Simple Minds) - 4:51
4. Alive and Kicking (Simple Minds) - 5:26
5. Glittering Prize (Simple Minds) - 4:00
6. All the Things She Said (Simple Minds) - 4:18
7. Sanctify Yourself (Simple Minds) - 4:59
8. Someone Somewhere (In Summertime) (Simple Minds) - 4:34
9. Ghostdancing (Simple Minds) - 4:46
10. Up on the Catwalk (Simple Minds) - 4:07
11. Speed Your Love to Me (Simple Minds) - 4:05
12. Theme for Great Cities (Simple Minds) - 5:52
13. Love Song (Simple Minds) - 3:54
14. The American (Simple Minds) - 3:36
15. Sweat in Bullet (Simple Minds) - 4:32
16. Life in a Day (Simple Minds) - 4:07
17. I Travel (Simple Minds) - 4:00 Disc Two

Disc 2

18. Let There Be Love (Burchill/Kerr) - 5:16
19. This Is Your Land (Simple Minds) - 5:05
20. Kick It In (Simple Minds) - 4:23
21. Let It All Come Down (Simple Minds) - 3:41
22. See the Lights (Simple Minds) - 4:26
23. Stand by Love (Simple Minds) - 4:09
24. Real Life (Simple Minds) - 4:55
25. She's a River (Simple Minds) - 4:32
26. Hypnotised (Simple Minds) - 4:46
27. Glitterball (Simple Minds) - 4:28
28. War Babies (Simple Minds) - 4:25
29. Mandela Day (Simple Minds) - 5:41
30. Biko (Gabriel) - 7:36
31. Belfast Child (Simple Minds) - 6:43
32. The Real Life (Raven Maize) (Simple Minds) - 2:55



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