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  out of 4 Music Review: Autoamerican

Artist: Blondie
Genre: Rock
Release Date: September 2001

Review by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
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The big question was would Blondie return to form after their average "Eat To The Beat" album. The pattern was broken on "Autoamerican." I think many of their faithful found this to be a disappointing effort. While everyone was expecting was another strong comeback, it didn't happen. The group was beginning to unravel and horn sections and session musicians were replacing them, and it showed. Its ironic, Deborah Harry looked like the sleek and sexy new wave punk rocker on the cover, and she couldn't have been further from portraying that image in her entire career. There was a time she lived it, now she didn't even sound like it.

What saved this album was the reggae injected 'The Tide Is High' and one of the first ever rap hits 'Rapture.' Gee, I wonder if Snoop Doggy Dog, or whatever his name is, realizes that it was Blondie that was one of the first popular rappers? I found it interesting how producer Mike Chapman talked primarily about their two hit singles in the liner notes. He acknowledged the fact that those two songs made the entire album. Even though this was a weak release the group was still able to have enough courage and resourcefulness, and not to mention immense talent, to reinvent itself. Thanks to the buoyant and outstanding bonus tracks combined with the remastered sound this album was salvaged. Hearing the long version of 'Call Me' was a nice shot of vintage Blondie that restored my faith in rock and roll and helped me to forget lame songs like 'Here's Looking At You' and 'T-Birds.' The disco version of 'Rapture' with its crazy lyrics and irresistible beat was most excellent as well. I do not like rap at all and I found it very difficult not to start bobbing my head and having happy feet while listening to that song. This album had many redeeming qualities, and that particular song was real hard to forget. This album was to be an indication of were the group was headed, and there weren't many brighter days ahead.

1. Europa (Stein) - 3:30
2. Live It Up (Stein) - 4:09
3. Here's Looking at You (Harry/Stein) - 2:58
4. The Tide Is High (Barrett/Evans/Holt) - 4:40
5. Angels on the Balcony (Davis/Destri) - 3:47
6. Go Through It (Harry/Stein) - 2:42
7. Do the Dark (Destri) - 3:51
8. Rapture (Harry/Stein) - 6:31
9. Faces (Harry) - 3:52
10.T-Birds (Harrison/Harry) - 3:57
11.Walk Like Me (Destri) - 3:44
12.Follow Me (Lerner/Loewe) - 3:10
13.Call Me (Original Long Version) (Harry/Moroder) - 8:06
14.Suzy and Jeffrey (Harrison/Harry) - 4:10
15.Rapture (Special Disco Mix) (Harry/Stein) - 9:59



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